List of Essential Medicines for Ethiopia. Fourth Edition, September 2010
(2010; 71 pages)


Ethiopian drug policy ensures that the government shall provide or else systematize adequate supply of medicines which are required for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, mitigation and rehabilitation of diseases affecting the majority of the country’s population. Moreover, the policy emphasizes that such medicines be critically identified and classified to respective levels of health service delivery. It is important to recognize that the National Essential Medicines List only implies that the medicines included are adequate to meet the common contemporary health needs of the general population of the country and general obligation of the government to ensure adequate availability of such drugs in the country. Whereas exclusion of any drug from this list does not necessarily mean that it is less effective in comparison to any alternative drug which has found its place in the list. The Authority believes that this list will serve all stakeholders and health service providers as a tool for selecting and availing the most needed medicines at every level of the healthcare system at all times...

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