Pharmaceutical Situation in the Caribbean. Factbook on Level I Monitoring Indicators - 2007
(2010; 100 pages)


This Factbook is part of an effort to collect, systematize and make available information about the pharmaceutical situation in the countries of the Caribbean. The data is compared with the entire Region of the Americas, in the context of the development of the European Union and World Health Organization Project for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Island Countries, “Partnership on Pharmaceutical Policies”. A previous publication on the Level I survey at the global level was conducted in 2003, but this is the first publication of its kind on the pharmaceutical situation in the Caribbean. The 2007 survey results presented in this document are part of the commitment to perform regular monitoring to determine whether there are enabling situations and environments in countries to realize the vision of people having access to the essential medicines they need; that the medicines are safe, effective and of good quality; and that medicines are prescribed and used rationally. As in the previous Factbook, this document aims to summarize and provide an overview of the pharmaceutical situation in countries of the Caribbean which have contributed data through their health ministries. Data are presented as facts, with key findings following each table and figure.

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