Is There a Role for Pharmacoeconomics in Developing Countries?
(2010; 6 pages)


Why is pharmacoeconomics vital for developing countries? Pharmacoeconomics is a complex science and its practical utility depends on the context in which it is being applied. To appreciate the true value of this ‘science’ as a decision-making tool, it is important to elaborate on the context within which healthcare decisions are being made. Furthermore, an understanding of the local health system is also required in order to establish whether complex economic techniques need to be applied and whether they are feasible and valuable tools for a particular jurisdiction. We argue that there is a need for a model that could aid in determining the perceived need and benefits of using pharmacoeconomics in formulary development in a given developing country. However, we do not present a full model; rather, we highlight some of the components that could be used to build such a model. Health and pharmaceutical indicators from international agencies, evidence-based pharmacy-system research as well as the literature concerning ‘how people perceive pharmacoeconomics’ in developing countries could serve as these components.

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