Egyptian National Formulary, 2007
(2007; 274 pages)


The national health authorities undertake continuous endeavours to enhance the essential drugs concept being the corner pillar in the rational use of drugs. In this framework the national Essential Drugs List (EDL) has been prepared and published a number of years ago.

The present National Drug Formulary has been conceived to complement the national Essential Drugs List. It has been compiled by experts from MOHP, professors of Medicine and professors of Pharmacy.

The present formulary offers the user valuable information on all drugs included in the EDL regarding uses, adverse effects, drug interactions, drugs used during pregnancy and lactation, pharmacogenetics, geriatric and paediatric drug use, and importance of compliance with treatment regimens.

The drugs in the formulary are mentioned in their nonproprietary names (generic names). Of great value for the users is that each therapeutic group is preceded by common disease states. We hope that the formulary will be a valuable contribution to Rational Use of Drugs.

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