EDLIZ 2006 - 5th Essential Drugs List and Standard Treatment Guidelines for Zimbabwe
(2006; 622 pages)


This 5th essential drugs list and standard treatment guidelines for the most common health conditions in Zimbabwe has been endorsed by the National Drug & Therapeutics Policy Advisory Committee [NDTPAC]. It is the product of many years of combined efforts by hundreds of health workers at all levels of the health care system in Zimbabwe – from the front line health care providers to the providers of specialist care. It has been refined over the years as result of its widespread use by our healthcare workers. We continue to revise and take into account drug developments and new healthcare problems such as HIV related diseases. Thus this latest edition has included extra essential drugs. The specialist drugs list has been brought back into this edition.

The essential drug list is based on the need to have drugs that cover the majority of our needs. Many other countries, both industrialised and developing have moved towards using essential drugs lists. For example Australia. Drugs in EDLIZ are chosen to meet the health care needs of the majority of the population, and should therefore always be available and accessible at a price that both the patient and the nation can afford...

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