Essential Drug List of the Republic of Armenia, 2010
(2010; 4 pages)


The first List of Essential Medicines in Armenia was authorized in 1994. It is periodically updated...

The National List of Essential Medicines is developed considering WHO recommendations and according to the Model List of Essential Medicines. The leading health care professionals of the countries are involved in the development of the national lists.

In the process of selecting the essential medicines the following factors are taken into consideration: efficacy and safety of medicines, financial availability of medicines, morbidity and mortality rate in the country, structure of the prevalence diseases, economic, genetic and demographic parameters, structure of health care institutions, experience and level of education of the health care professionals.

Only generic names of medicines are used in the List.

The majority of the essential medicines must contain only one active ingredient. The combined medicines can be included only if a certain medicine has an evident advantage over the monocomponent one with its efficacy and safety...

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