WHO Model Formulary, 2008. Based on the 15th Model List of Essential Medicines 2007
(2009; 644 pages)


In 1995, the WHO Expert Committee on the Use of Essential Drugs recommended that WHO develop a Model Formulary which would complement the WHO Model List of Essential Drugs (the “Model List”). It was considered that such a WHO Model Formulary would be a useful resource for countries wishing to develop their own national formulary. The WHO Model Formulary was first published in August 2002.

In this edition, we have reverted to the structure and sections used in the WHO Model List. Although this may not always reflect ideal therapeutic categories, it has been done as part of the process of updating the entire WHO Medicines Library, which now has one interlinked structure that includes the formulary information as well as other information about the listed medicines. Countries or organizations which choose to adapt the Model Formulary for their own purposes may wish to adjust the structure to suit their needs...

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