A51/9 - Emerging and Other Communicable Diseases: Antimicrobial Resistance. Report by the Secretariat, Fifty-first World Health Assembly, 1998
(1998; 4 pages)

The wide and increasing use of antimicrobial agents in humans and animals, and in agriculture, has exerted intense pressure for microorganisms to develop resistance which is rapidly becoming a leading cause of concern for public health. In particular: - resistant pathogens are emerging and spreading more rapidly than in previous decades; - resistance is a world problem, affecting developed and developing countries, and rapidly spreading through international travel; - treatment of infections caused by resistant microbes is increasingly hampered either by the prohibitive cost of existing “new generation” agents or by a total lack of effective antimicrobial agents; - resistance should be viewed in the larger public health context. The Health Assembly is invited to consider the resolution recommended by the Executive Board.
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