Globalization, Patents and Drugs (First Edition). An Annotated bibliography - Health Economics and Drugs Series No. 009
(1999; 48 pages)

Many WHO Member States have expressed concern about the effects of the TRIPS Agreement on access to pharmaceuticals and, in May 1999, the World Health Assembly mandated WHO “to cooperate with Member States, at their request, and with international organizations in monitoring and analysing the pharmaceutical and public health implications of relevant international agreements, including trade agreements.” The TRIPS Agreement is one of the most controversial of the Uruguay Round in terms of content, objectives and possible consequences. This annotated bibliography aims to inform people in the health sector, with no particular legal background, about the impact of globalization and trade agreements on access to drugs, and the growing importance of this issue. It directs the reader to key reports, books and articles from technical and scientific journals, both general references and specific country studies. Details of some useful web sites are also given.
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