WHA56.6 - International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma-Ata: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. WHA resolution; Fifty-sixth World Health Assembly, 2003
(2003; 2 pages)

REQUESTS the Director-General: (1) to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration by convening a meeting with input from all stakeholders in order to examine the lessons of the past 25 years, review definitions and strategies, and identify future strategic directions for primary health care; and to provide support to the meeting through an extensive prior review of successes and failures, and factors that impact on primary health care; (2) to continue to incorporate the principles of primary health care into the activities of all WHO’s programmes, to ensure that the strategies to attain the Development Goals of the United Nations Millennium Declaration are implemented, and to respond to the recommendations of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, assuring that they are consistent with the principles of primary health care; (3) to report on progress to the Fifty-seventh World Health Assembly through the Executive Board at its 113th session.
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