Safe Management of Wastes from Health-Care Activities
(1999; 242 pages)

This handbook recommends safe, efÞcient, sustainable, andÑit is hopedÑaffordable and culturally acceptable methods for the treatment and disposal of health-care waste, both within and outside health-care establishments. Particular attention is paid to basic processes and technologies; more sophisticated or advanced methods, many of which have been undergoing major developments, are often addressed in less detail. Smaller health-care establishments in remote locations or with very limited resources may wish to conÞne themselves to the minimal healthcare waste management programme recommended in Chapter 16. In publishing this handbook, WHO aims not only to promote a sound managerial approach and the use of appropriate technologies, but also to inform countries about the health risks that result from inadequate management of health-care waste. The advice and guidance offered are intended to assist both national bodies and individual medical institutions to improve health-care waste management. Some countries may choose to develop their own regulations and practices; others may elect to use the information provided in this handbook as the basis for their policies and for guidance. The intended readership includes public health managers, hospital managers and other administrators of health-care establishments, policy-makers, regulators, waste managers, and environmental health professionals.
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