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Health Reform and Drug Financing. Selected Topics - Health Economics and Drugs Series, No. 006
(1998; 49 pages) [French] [Spanish]
Health sector reform is a process aimed at improving equity, quality, and efficiency in the health sector through changes in the organization and financing of health services. In this context, the role of WHO today is to explore and promote ways of organizing health services which respond better to the objectives of equity, quality, and efficiency. Nearly every aspect of national drug policy and pharmaceutical sector development is directly or indirectly affected by health reform initiatives. This paper focuses primarily on certain financial aspects of health reform. Some attention is also given to key organizational reforms. Several related topics are not covered in this paper, but are addressed in other activities of the Action Programme on Essential Drugs. Examples of such topics include public-private roles in the pharmaceutical sector, and the impact of the World Trade Organization and associated trade agreements on access to essential drugs.
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Health Reform and Drug Financing. Selected Topics - Health Economics and Drugs Series, No. 006

Original: English
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World Health Organization

Health Economics and Drugs
DAP Series No. 6

Germán Velásquez
Yvette Madrid
Jonathan D. Quick

Action Programme on Essential Drugs

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