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How to Investigate the Use of Medicines by Consumers
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Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenido1. Why study medicines use by consumers
Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenido2. What influences medicines use by consumers
Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenido3. How to study medicines use in communities
Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenido4. Prioritizing and analysing community medicines use problems
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Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenido6. Data analysis
Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenido7. Monitoring and evaluating rational medicines use interventions in the community
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This manual is a practical guide to the use of research methods for investigating medicines use by consumers, particularly those in developing countries, in order to identify problems, design interventions and measure changes. It will help health workers, policy-makers, administrators, researchers, educationalists, medical and pharmacy students, and many others to go beyond the individual and to study the community as a focus. By understanding why people take medicines as they do, it is possible to design interventions that are sensitive to the particular beliefs, practices and needs of their community.

Topics covered include the reasons for studying medicines use by consumers, what influences consumer choice, and how to prioritize and analyse community medicines use problems. There are chapters on sampling and data analysis, and the manual concludes by looking at the important issues of monitoring and evaluating interventions.

The publication is an update of the manual developed by WHO’s Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy Department, How to investigate drug use in communities - Guidelines for social science research. It also builds on session notes developed for the international training course, Promoting Rational Drug Use in the Community, jointly organized by WHO and the University of Amsterdam.

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