Globalization, Patents and Drugs (Second Edition). An Annotated Bibliography - Health Economics and Drugs Series No. 010
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3.2 Interesting discussion groups

The issue of the impact of international trade agreements on access to drugs and the pharmaceutical sector is increasingly debated through two electronic discussion groups.

E-Drug is an electronic conference on essential drugs. E-Drug is used by professionals in this field to obtain and discuss current information on essential drugs, including international and national policies, and standard treatment guidelines.

Treatment-Access is an electronic discussion forum created and managed by the Fondation du Présent, a non-profit NGO, which brings together a multisectoral community of more than 12,000 members - half of them in developing countries - to raise and jointly resolve AIDS related issues through email discussion.

Pharm-policy covers pharmaceutical policies, particularly those involving intellectual property, technology transfer and pricing. Anything significant happening gets on this discussion group within 24 hours.

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