Abbreviated Excel version of the Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicines List for South Africa. Primary Health Care Level. Sixth edition, 2018
(2018; 0 pages)


Strengthening Primary Healthcare services is a priority of the Department of Health and a critical component of this process is to ensure equitable access to effective and safe medicines at all Primary Health Care facilities. This is the sixth edition of the Primary Health Care Level Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicines List.

Primary Healthcare facilities are the foundation of health system. In order to improve the health and quality of life of patients, they must provide essential services to prevent and treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, and appropriately refer patients who should be treated at higher levels of care. The Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicines List aim to provide clear guidance to health care workers regarding the management of all patients at primary care level; ensuring equitable access to services for individual patients across all stages of life, and the efficient and cost-effective promotion of health for all - essential components for achieving universal health care.

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First printed 1996

Second edition 1998

Third edition 2003

Fourth edition 2008

Fifth edition 2014

Sixth edition 2018

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