Best Practice in Insulin Injection Technique. A Simplified Guideline. (Adapted from the Fit-india Guidelines 2012 and 2015) - Sinhalese Version
(2017; 61 _document:booksipages_(61)) [English] [Tamil]


This book has been developed under the NIROGI Lanka Project of the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA), primarily as a reference guide for healthcare professionals of countries of South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES) on the recommended insulin injection technique.

The book is based on the first and second Indian recommendations for best practice in insulin injection, published by the Forum for Injection Techniques (FIT) India in 2012 and 2015. It has been summarized and simplified for easy reference and provides practical guidelines for insulin injection at both healthcare and home settings. Results of Sri Lankan studies have been included regarding use of subcutaneous insulin injecting devices.

Insulin therapy is an essential part of the management in all with type 1 diabetes and many with other types of diabetes. Insulin is commonly prescribed. However, poor practices in insulin injection compromise the quality of the insulin injected and the safety of the patient, resulting in sub-optimal blood glucose control and preventable adverse effects.

The guidelines provided here are a step towards improving the practices in insulin injection among healthcare providers as well as patients and their caregivers. It is hoped that these guidelines and the tools for implementation included here will result in optimal blood glucose control and thereby prevent short-term and long-term complications of diabetics on insulin.

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