WHA37.33 - Rational Use of Drug. WHA Resolution; Thirty-seventh World Health Assembly, 1984
(1984; 2 pages) [French] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:

(1) to continue to develop activities at national, regional and global levels aiming at the improvement of use of drugs and of prescription practices and the provision of unbiased and complete information about drugs to the health profession and the public;

(2) (a) to foster the exchange of information among Member States on drugs including registration and marketing practices;

(b) to review the machinery within WHO concerning the dissemination of unbiased information relevant to the appropriate use of essential and other drugs; and to introduce appropriate improvements therein;

(3) to arrange, in 1985, a meeting of experts of the concerned parties, including governments, pharmaceutical industries, patients' and consumers' organizations to discuss the means and methods to ensure rational use of drugs, in particular through improved knowledge and flow of information and to discuss the role of marketing practices in this respect, especially in developing countries;

(4) to submit a report on the results of the meeting of experts and the implementation of this resolution to the Thirty-ninth World Health Assembly.

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