Assessment of Knowledge Attitudes Beliefs and Practices of Health-related Civil Society Organizations on Access to Medicines, Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance - Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Ghana
(2014; 67 pages)


In order to achieve the ideals for health and universal health coverage for all persons living in Ghana, access to medicines has become crucial. The focus of the access to medicines framework, as defined by WHO, encapsulates rational selection of medicines, sustainable financing of medicines, affordability of the prices of medicines, and reliable health and supply systems for medicines. Thus the health system should deliver in a sustainable manner, medicines which could be trusted to deliver the best outcomes in any clinical setting.

Several players within the health sector ensure that the access to medicines framework with all its associated and implied components are realized. Such players include Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in health. These CSOs operate within communities - urban and rural, to empower users of medicines with the right information to promote rational use. There are over 400 constituency Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) under the umbrella of the Ghana Coalition of NGOs in health who are operating in the regions. These CSOs encounter on regular basis, issues relating to medicines from several perspectives.

The Medicines Transparency Alliance conducted an assessment on CSOs in health with the general objective to assess the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices of health-related Civil Society Organizations on access to medicines in Ghana. The specific objectives were: to assess knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practice of CSOs in the following specific thematic areas: General knowledge on access to medicines, medicines governance and transparency from the CSO perspective; Rational selection and availability of medicines; Affordable medicine prices and sustainable financing of medicines; Reliable health systems and supply of Medicines of acceptable quality; Rational use of medicines; Promotion of medicines/pharmaceuticals and Transparency/Accountability/Good governance. The assessment as also to identify gaps in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices in the selected CSOs to inform interventions to improve the KABP of these CSOs.

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