Strengthening of Drug and Therapeutics Committees in Public and Private Health Facilities in Ghana - Report, March 2015. Medicines Transparency Alliance Phase 2 Project
(2015; 26 pages)


A Drug and Therapeutics Committee (DTC) (or equivalent) is a multidisciplinary committee with a commitment to the overall governance of the medicines management system in their health service organization to ensure the judicious, appropriate, safe, effective and cost-effective use of medicines. The World Health Organization (WHO) clearly defines the typical goal of DTCs as; to ensure that patients are provided with the best possible cost effective and quality of care through determining what medicines will be available, at what cost, and how they will be used.

Drug Management functions are clearly the core essence of what a DTC is and the functions it should perform. It is a justifiable expectation that functional DTCs should be able to play an important role in promoting rational use of medicines in health facilities based on the definitions and objectives above.

Ghana’s health system embraces the DTC concept as a management intervention to ensure correct, efficient, and cost-effective management of drugs. The National Drug Policy 2004 outlines a clear policy direction for DTCs.

The National Drugs policy defines the DTC (within the Ghana health system) to be multidisciplinary in line with above definitions and spells out the expected roles of DTCs in the health system as well as its fundamental interactions with other entities (e.g. central medical stores). The roles of DTCs are even extended to support peripheral health units. The policy also emphasizes, efficient and cost-effective drug management as a key role of the DTCs as well as the contextualization of the national EDL or EML within the health facility.

MeTA would therefore partner existing institutions to ensure that DTCs are strengthened to offer the best value for policy implementation in Ghana with respect to health facilities in the country.

The overall goal of this assessment is to strengthen the capacity and the role of DTCs in improving RUM in public and private health facilities. This will be achieved through the implementation of activities in three phases.

The objective of this assessment is to assess baseline characteristics of DTC operations in selected health facilities.

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