Technical Report: Waste Management of Pharmaceuticals in Afghanistan
(2015; 42 pages)

General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health. 2015. Technical Report: Waste Management of Pharmaceuticals in Afghanistan. Submitted to the US Agency for International Development by the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program. Arlington, VA: Management Sciences for Health.


The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) is in the process of formulating an appropriate policy and eventual mechanism for the handling of pharmaceutical items requiring destruction. To better inform and guide the policy development process as to the budgets, range of existing regulations, and the scope of materials and volumes requiring destruction, a study to collate and analyze the data available on pharmaceutical destruction processes and the items scheduled for destruction has been undertaken. A questionnaire relating to waste management of pharmaceutical issues has been developed by a task force of the General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs (GDPA) and used to collect available information at the GDPA and pharmaceutical enterprises.

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