Millennium Development Goal 8. The State of the Global Partnership for Development. MDG Gap Task Force Report 2014. United Nations, New York
(2014; 96 pages)


In its latest report, the MDG Gap Task Force found much progress towards achieving the goals set under MDG 8. Essential medicines continue to be unaffordable and insufficiently available in many countries. With the MDGs concluding in 2015, this report underscores the need for a renewed political commitment to development cooperation and to a coherent set of substantive policies for global development.

Access to affordable essential medicines: Increased global action in recent years has led to progress in combating both non-communicable and acute diseases. However, despite more coordination in implementing coherent national policies aligned to global agreements, essential medicines remain unaffordable and insufficiently available in developing countries. In order to enhance and expand accessibility, greater efforts by the international community, pharmaceutical companies and Governments are still needed.

Access to new technologies: Developing-country access to advanced technologies, highlighted in Goal 8 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), continues to grow at a fast pace. Yet despite international initiatives, gaps in access to certain key areas, such as broadband Internet, still persist between developed and developing countries. The provision of e-government services continues to spread and facilitate development efforts, but many types of services are still not provided online. Spreading the use of advanced technology for disaster risk reduction becomes more urgent as the frequency and intensity of natural disasters increases. In further positive developments, international initiatives are now in place to respond to developing countries’ needs for access to technologies that address the impact of climate change.

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