Medical And Dental Catalogue. 10th Edition, 2012 - Papua New Guinea. (Includes Guidelines on Expiry Dates, Safe Disposal of Medical Waste, Guidelines for Donation of Medicines and other Medical Supplies, Storage of Medicines).
(2012; 138 pages)


The availability of essential medicines and other medical supplies throughout the health care system at all times is vital for the prevention and treatment of diseases. This is highlighted in the National Health Plan 2011 – 2020, where the National Department of Health is responsible for ensuring the availability of safe, effective and affordable medicines.

The Medical and Dental Catalogue 10th Edition, 2012 serves as a national medical supplies list required for use at the different levels of health facilities in the country. This document will also serve as a list to guide the procurement and supply of these essential medical supplies.

With the present priority shift from urban to rural; and curative to promotive and preventive health; it is of paramount importance that a listing of essential medicines be pursued. Essential medicines listing is a vital component of an effective health care program for any country according to the World Health Organization. Hence, the 2002 Edition is now updated by a group effort from all major disease control and specialty programs providing the different types and levels of health care to patients. This list is not an exhaustive listing and is subject to changing trends in clinical and medical practice. This edition is consistent with current diseases and prescribing patterns as enumerated by the different standard treatment guidelines and specialty needs from surgical, dental and other areas.

In the preparation of the 10th Edition, 2012 of the Medical and Dental Catalogue, the Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee (PAC) has ensured that any limitation will not be to the detriment of sick people in Papua New Guinea. There is no catalogue (Essential Medicines List) that will satisfy every needs of a health worker.

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