Guidelines for Warehousing Health Commodities. Second edition 2014 (First edition 2005). USAID | DELIVER PROJECT
(2014; 78 pages) [French]

USAID | DELIVER PROJECT,Task Order 4. 2014. Guidelines for Warehousing Health Commodities. Arlington, Va.: USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, Task Order 4. Second edition (First edition 2005)


These guidelines were written for anyone trying to meet and solve the challenges of operating a warehouse today. They are an important reference tool for managers and staff, whether they are constructing a new warehouse, implementing a new warehouse system, or redesigning their current system.

Guidelines for Warehousing Health Commodities is for use by supply chain managers, logistics advisors, and warehouse managers who want to improve and increase efficiency in their current health commodity warehouse. It is designed to be interactive, with each specific topic accessible as-needed.

The remaining sections of the guide discuss each of the topics of warehousing contained in the self-assessment; they offer more detail on ideal warehouse attributes, practical advice on how to improve warehouse operations, and specific information on available warehouse equipment and technology.

Case studies are also provided in the guide giving real-life examples that illustrate the importance of improving warehouse operations.

Guidelines for Warehousing Health Commodities provides up-to-date information on all aspects of warehousing.

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