Burundi Drug Needs Guaged, Re-training to Follow. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 004 (1987)
(1987; 1 page)


Interpharma, an association of three Swiss-based research companies, began working with Burundi in 1979. In 1983, the Burundi Ministry of Health asked Interpharma to assign priority to the quantification of the country’s drug requirements and the maintenance of a national education and training programme for medical attendants. The drug quantification process began in 1986. As a result, storage facilities were improved and an operational support team, in association with the health development office of WHO African sub-region II, was commissioned to investigate drug transport. Burundi was also the site of a field test for quantification-related training material from the WHO Action Programme on Essential Drugs. During the test, the country successfully created standard treatment schedules, developed a list of 39 essential drug requirements, and estimated the total cost of requirements for 1986. The group conducting the test recommended that Burundi improves its method of quantifying drug needs at health centers and dispensaries, pilot-tests a drug need estimating system, drafts a standard treatment manual, and introduces and uses a data recording system. The group also encouraged the Ministry of Health to create and revise a list of essential drugs as soon as possible and review the national action programme in 1987. (Abstract by Flannery Bowman, 2013)

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