Clinical Management and Referral Guidelines – Volume III: Clinical Guidelines for Management and Referral of Common Conditions at Levels 4–6: Hospitals (Republic of Kenya)
(2009; 574 pages)


Following the articulation of the 1994 National Health Policy Framework, the Ministry of Health published the National Drug Policy, the Essential Drug List, and Clinical Guidelines and Referral Strategy. All these are important building blocks of the elaboration of the Kenya Essential Package for Health (KEPH) subsequently mooted in the second National Health Sector Strategic Plan (NHSSP II – 2005–2010). This volume is one of a three-volume set that comprises the latest edition of the guidelines.

Intended as neither prescriptive nor restrictive, the Guidelines are facilitative, enabling, and foundational. They provide a firm base for the attainment of equity and high standards in health care and the development of rational procurement and use of drugs by all prescribers, dispensers, hospital managers, and patients. The Guidelines are for the use of all clinicians who have the primary responsibility for diagnosis, management, and referral of outpatients and inpatients. They are also very useful to interns, medical students, clinical officers, pharmacists, and nurses in training – and generally to health professionals working in the clinical setting and especially those in rural facilities where it might be the only reference book.

The revision has been widely consultative, incorporating recent advances in disease management and emerging medical challenges of the 21st century. Efforts have been made to include the most recent recommendations of the Ministry of Medical Services (MOMS) and the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation (MOPHS) specialized disease programme and the World Health Organization (WHO).

For ease of reference and use, the guidelines are presented in 3 volumes:

  • Volume 1: Management Guidelines for Level 1 (Community)
  • Volume 2: Management Guidelines for Levels 2 and 3 (Primary Care)
  • Volume 3: Management Guidelines for Levels 4–6 (Hospitals)
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