Essential Medicines List for Uganda (EMLU 2007)
(2007; 56 pages)


The first and second editions of EMLU were produced in 1991 and 1996 respectively. As with these previous editions which it now supersedes, this new EMLU 2007 is produced with the aim of assisting in making accessible and affordable to the majority of the population those medicines which are necessary for the prevention and treatment of common health problems in the country.

The EMLU lists those essential medicines considered to be most suitable for current use in Uganda. The current WHO model list (11th revision December 1999) was used as a basis for EMLU and modified to suit the requirements of Uganda according to the criteria given in the Foreword by the Honourable Minister of Health, and taking into account available resources and currently applicable clinical practice.

According to the National Medicines Policy the EMLU is a "primary Medicines management tool at all levels of the health system" and is intended to "strengthen and harmonise the essential medicines selection process at national and district levels for both public and private sectors". The EMLU should be used "as a basis for procurement, prescribing and dispensing in the public health system and its use promoted in the private (profit and non-profit) sector". Thus it is important to stress that, although the list is designed primarily for public sector use, it is equally appropriate for private sector prescribers who are strongly encouraged to select EMLU medicines whenever possible.

Numerous changes have been made to EMLU to bring it into line with currently accepted therapeutic requirements...

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