The Challenges of Making Quality Essential Drugs and Supply Available for PHC Services in Nigeria
(2010; 12 pages)


It is a pity that 30 years after Alma Ata, Nigeria’s health statistics have not shown any significant changes and in deed in some cases have become worse. Life expectancy for example has declined from about 52 years in 1978 to 48 years in 2008. It is true that many more Primary Health Centres have been built and much more money budgeted and spent for PHC in Nigeria, the results have not justified the overall investment, except in the area of immunization against the 6 common childhood diseases. Even here, recent decline in coverage and loss of momentum has become worrisome.

Certainly, the reasons for this unsatisfactory outcome of PHC services in Nigeria are many but the inadequate supply and availability of essential drugs and supply represent a critical reason. Why is this so? A review of several causative factors will help illuminate the problem.

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