Medicines Issued to the Public Sector: 2002-2006. An Analysis of the Pharmaceuticals Issued by the Medical Supplies Division (MSD) Over a Period of Five Years; 2002-2006 Sri Lanka
(2010; 113 pages)


This report presents the data on medicines issued to the public sector hospitals during the years 2002-2006. Chapter 1 provides the background information to this study and objectives. Chapter 2 outlines the methodology used, with chapters 3, and 4 presenting a detailed analysis of the pharmaceuticals issued, Chapter 5 compares and contrasts some of our data from another Asian country, Malaysia. Chapter 6 attempts to highlight the gaps in projected estimates and supply, compares our unit purchase prices with the international reference prices and critically assesses expenditure on local purchase. Chapter 7 presents concerns on issues regarding policy and provides evidence based recommendations for the future.

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