Malaysian Statistics on Medicines 2007 (Published 2010)
(2010; 194 pages)


The National Medicines Use Survey (NMUS) was conducted with the intent to continuously and systematically collect data on medicines in the hope to further improve their use as well as to provide a tool for better decision making in the allocation of healthcare resources for the Malaysian population. The first Malaysian Statistics on Medicines (MSOM) 2004 report presented results largely from pilot surveys. In 2005, we scaled up the survey with larger sample size and wider distribution and also refined data processing and statistical methods. For MSOM 2006, the data processing was further enhanced to improve quality and the statistical methods reviewed to take into consideration, stratification of hospitals which gives more accurate estimates as hospitals of different sizes may have different drug use profiles. We move a step forward for this MSOM 2007, where the drug utilisation data is tabulated in such a way as to allow comparison of utilisation between 2006 and 2007 as the data for both years were analysed using the same statistical methods.

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