Exploring Health Seeking Behavior, Medicine Use and Self Medication in Urban and Rural Pakistan - Southern Med Review Vol 3 Issue 2 Oct 2010
(2010; 3 pages)


The nature and extent of self-medication varies in different cultural contexts and social and educational infl uences may be greater than the infl uence of medical practice1-4. In the United States, several studies indicate considerable use of ‘leftovers’, drugs obtained from a family member, a pharmacy, or a source outside of the country. For example, in a Hispanic neighborhood of New York City, it was found that antimicrobial drugs were available without a prescription. In Europe, studies describing self-medication and storage of antimicrobial drugs in Spain, Greece, Russia, and Malta also suggest use of the drugs without consulting a physician5-9. The data regarding “health seeking behavior” and “medicines use” is scarce in Pakistan and a study was conducted to evaluate these issues...

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