AFRO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter, Volume 3, Number 2, September 2006. Pharmaceutical Products: The Case of Sierra Leone
(2006; 4 pages)


The WHO mission in the area of essential medicines is to help save lives and improve health. WHO’s interactions with countries and other pharmaceutical sector stakeholders are central to its activities. Upon request from a country, the Organization can provide four specific types of support; three of them involve projects and activities at country level (one country only). The fourth type focuses on inter-country, sub-regional, regional and interregional programmes and activities (more than one country).

Financing for such support may come from WHO resources (country office, Regional Office and headquarters) or may also be provided by bilateral or multilateral donors to the country as a loan or grant. In the case of donor funding, WHO may be involved, as implementing agency, in the whole process of preparing and appraising the project together with the funding agency (the donor) and the beneficiary (country).

In this issue of the Newsletter, we share some information on the Sierra Leone Pharmaceutical Project May 2003–March 2006 funded by the African Development Bank (ADB) and for which WHO was the implementing agency on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone...

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