A54/17 - Revised Drug Strategy. Report by the Secretariat, Fifty-fourth World Health Assembly, 2001
(2001; 7 pages) [French] [Spanish]

WHO’s work on pharmaceuticals is now guided primarily by the WHO medicines strategy, which evolved from the revised drug strategy adopted by the Health Assembly in 1986 (resolution WHA39.27) and subsequent updates (most recently resolution WHA52.19). The medicines strategy places the revised drug strategy within a more operational, responsive and comprehensive framework. It aims to help to save lives and to improve health by closing the huge gap between the potential that essential drugs have to offer and the reality for millions of people that medicines are unavailable, unaffordable, unsafe, of poor quality or improperly used. The strategy was elaborated in consultation with more than 60 institutions, including WHO collaborating centres, agencies in the United Nations system, other international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and members of WHO expert advisory panels. It is now being implemented with the cooperation of all the partners who were involved in its development.
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