WHA54.11 - WHO Medicines Strategy. WHA Resolution; Fifty-fourth World Health Assembly, 2001
(2001; 3 pages) [Arabic] [Chinese] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:

  1. jointly with Member States, nongovernmental organizations and other partners involved in public health, to keep under review the effectiveness of the current strategy for essential drugs, and to stimulate the development of drugs for diseases whose burden lies predominantly in poor countries;
  2. to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing, in collaboration with nongovernmental organizations and other concerned partners, systems for voluntary monitoring drug prices and reporting global drug prices with a view to improving equity in access to essential drugs in health systems, and to provide support to Member States in that regard;
  3. to provide support for implementation of drug monitoring systems in order better to identify development of resistance, adverse reactions and misuse of drugs within health systems, thus promoting rational use of drugs;
  4. to continue and to enhance efforts to study and report on existing and future health implications of international trade agreements in close cooperation with relevant intergovernmental organizations;
  5. to provide enhanced support to Member States that need and request support in achieving the priorities set out in the WHO medicines strategy;
  6. to provide support to Member States to set up efficient national regulatory mechanisms for quality assurance that will help ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices, bioavailability and bioequivalence;
  7. to continue WHO’s work in the field of traditional medicines;
  8. to report to the Fifty-fifth World Health Assembly on the progress of initiatives taken, globally or regionally, to expand access to essential drugs.
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