Priority Medicines for Europe and the World - EDM Research Series No. 033
(2004; 154 pages)

The purpose of the Priority Medicines for Europe and the World Project has been to study pharmaceutical innovation from a public health perspective. The objective was to prepare a public‐health‐based medicines development agenda for support by the European Union and to develop a systematic methodology for this that can be replicated. For the purposes of this Report, a public health perspective is one that is based on principles of equity, evidence and efficiency. Within the context of identifying “pharmaceutical gaps” which affect the citizens of Europe, special emphasis has been placed on identifying those research needs which are also relevant for countries in economic transition and for developing countries. This ʺcommonality of interestʺ is an important bridging aspect of the Project between Europe and the world. In many areas, public health interests and pharmaceutical industry priorities coincide. In other areas, such as neglected diseases of poor countries or orphan diseases of rich countries, the market has failed and incentives have to be created for the pharmaceutical industry to respond to these clear needs. The multiple reasons for the existence of pharmaceutical gaps were reviewed and suggestions made on a number of different approaches to create a European environment to close these gaps.
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