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dc.descriptionLists of Proposed (‎1-96)‎ and Recommended (‎1-57)‎ International Nonproprietary Names can be found in Cumulative List No. 12, 2007 (‎available in CD-ROM only)‎en
dc.descriptionStarting January 1998, lists of recommended INNs published twice a yearen
dc.subject.meshDrugs, Genericen
dc.subject.otherPharmaceuticals and Biologicalsen
dc.titleInternational nonproprietary names for pharmaceutical substances (‎INN)‎ : recommended international nonproprietary names (‎Rec. INN)‎ : list 62 = Dénominations communes internationales des substances pharmaceutiques (‎DCI)‎ : dénominations communes internationales recommandées (‎DCI Rec)‎ : liste 62 = Denominaciones comunes internacionales para las sustancias farmacéuticas (‎DCI)‎ : denominaciones comunes internacionales recomendadas (‎DCI Rec.)‎ : lista 62en

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