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dc.contributor.authorBerardi, J. Cfr
dc.contributor.authorRichard, Afr
dc.contributor.authorDjanhan, Yfr
dc.contributor.authorPapiernik, Emilefr
dc.subject.meshMaternal Health Servicesfr
dc.subject.meshMaternal Mortalityfr
dc.subject.meshPregnancy Complicationsfr
dc.subject.meshCôte d' Ivoirefr
dc.subject.otherMaternal and Child Healthfr
dc.titleDécentraliser les soins de maternité / J. C. Berardi ... [‎et al.]‎fr
dc.subject.meshqualifierorganization and administrationfr
dc.relation.ispartofjournalForum mondial de la santé 1989 ; 10(‎3/4)‎ : 354-358

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