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dc.contributor.authorStanley, Kenneth Een
dc.contributor.authorStjernswärd, Janen
dc.contributor.authorKoroltchouk, Valentinen
dc.subject.meshStomach Neoplasmsen
dc.subject.meshLung Neoplasmsen
dc.subject.meshBreast Neoplasmsen
dc.subject.otherCancer and its Controlen
dc.titleCancers of the stomach, lung and breast : mortality trends and control strategies / Kenneth Stanley, Jan Stjernswärd & Valentin Koroltchouken
dc.title.alternativeCancers de l' estomac, du poumon et du sein : tendances de la mortalité et stratégie de lutte : résuméen
dc.subject.meshqualifiermortality prevention and controlen
dc.relation.ispartofjournalWorld health statistics quarterly 1988 ; 41(‎3/4)‎ : 107-114

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