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dc.contributor.authorFerreira, José Robertoes
dc.contributor.authorCoelho-Neto, Anteroes
dc.contributor.authorCollado, Carol Bes
dc.contributor.authorLinger, Carloses
dc.contributor.authorLuna, Ronaldoes
dc.contributor.authorPurcallas, Danieles
dc.contributor.authorYépez, Rodrigo Fes
dc.subject.meshEducation, Medicales
dc.subject.meshSchools, Medicales
dc.subject.meshLatin Americaes
dc.subject.otherOrganization of Health Care and Social Developmentes
dc.titleEl An'alisis prospectivo de la educaci'on médica en América Latina / José Roberto Ferreira ... [‎et al.]‎es
dc.relation.ispartofjournalEducaci'on médica y salud 1988 ; 22(‎3)‎ : 242-367

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