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dc.contributor.authorOganov, R. Ges
dc.contributor.authorGlasunov, Igor Ses
dc.contributor.authorBritov, A. Nes
dc.contributor.authorChazova, L. Ves
dc.contributor.authorSapozhnikov, I. Ies
dc.contributor.authorDeev, A. Des
dc.subject.meshUnion of Soviet Socialist Republicses
dc.subject.otherNoncommunicable Diseaseses
dc.titleSe intensifica la lucha contra la hipertensi'on / R. G. Oganov ... [‎et al.]‎es
dc.subject.meshqualifiermortality prevention and controles
dc.relation.ispartofjournalForo mundial de la salud 1988 ; 9(‎1)‎ : 90-93

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