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dc.contributor.authorClavijo, H. Afr
dc.contributor.authorSchüler, Lfr
dc.contributor.authorSanseverino, M. Tfr
dc.contributor.authorGiugliani, Rfr
dc.subject.meshAbnormalities, Drug-Inducedfr
dc.subject.meshAdverse Drug Reaction Reporting Systemsfr
dc.subject.otherPharmaceuticals and Biologicalsfr
dc.titleUn service d' information sur les agents tératogènes au Brésil [‎lettre]‎ / H. A. Clavijo ... [‎et al.]‎fr
dc.relation.ispartofjournalForum mondial de la santé 1992 ; 13(‎2/3)‎ : 211-212

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