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dc.contributor.authorInternational Programme on Chemical Safetyen
dc.contributor.authorWorld Health Organizationen
dc.contributor.authorWHO Task Group on Environmental Health Criteria for Tolueneen
dc.descriptionPublished under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation, and the World Health Organizationen
dc.descriptionRussian version of nos. 39-61 bound together (‎barcode no. 0072067)‎en
dc.descriptionBibliography : p.106-146en
dc.description146 p.en
dc.description.abstractToluene is the common name for methylbenzene, a commercially important intermediate chemical produced throughout the world in enormous quantities. The general population is exposed to toluene mainly through inhalation of vapour in ambient air or from cigarette smoke. Apart from risks associated with occupational exposure, toluene poses special hazards to glue-sniffers , who intentionally abuse solvent mixtures containing this chemical. This report assesses close to 500 animal and human studies concerned with the effects of short- and long-term exposure to toluene, including its abuse. Environmental effects are also considered. While concluding that exposure of the general population and environment does not presently constitute a significant hazard, the report notes that solvent abuse may be associated with permanent pathological changesen
dc.publisherWorld Health Organization
dc.publisherWorld Health Organization
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEnvironmental health criteria ; 52en
dc.subject.otherPharmacology, Toxicology and Clinical Technologyen

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