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dc.contributor.authorWorld Health Organizationen
dc.contributor.authorInternational Programme on Chemical Safetyen
dc.description85 p.en
dc.description.abstractEvaluates the risks to human health and the environment posed by dimethoate, an organophosphorus insecticide widely produced and used to control a range of insects and mites. Dimethoate formulations are applied on numerous crops, including those grown in greenhouses, and used for the indoor control of houseflies. The book opens with information on physical and chemical properties and methods used for detection and analysis. Other sections describe the sources of human and environmental exposure, explain the behaviour of dimethoate in the environment, and summarize what is known about the mechanisms by which this insecticide exerts its toxic effects. Concerning sources of occupational exposure, an effort is made to define the minimum safe re-entry periods following spraying in greenhouses, and after outdoor application by tractor or plane. A review of the effects of dimethoate formulations on organisms notes the low risk to farm animals, the moderate toxicity for birds, fish, and aquatic organisms, and the very high toxicity for honey bees. The most extensive section reviews the design and findings of experimental studies useful in assessing adverse effects on human health. Health risks are further defined through a review of case studies of accidental and suicidal poisoning and of poisoning following occupational exposures. The book concludes that, when dimethoate is used under proper conditions, exposure of the general population through air, food, or water is negligibleen
dc.publisherGeneva : World Health Organizationen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEnvironmental health criteria ; 90en
dc.subject.otherVector Control and Pesticidesen
dc.titleDimethoate / published under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation, and the World Health Organizationen

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