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CD52/3: Informe anual del Director de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana;
CD52/3: Rapport annuel du Directeur du Bureau sanitaire panaméricain;
CD52/3: Relatório Anual do Diretor da Repartição Sanitária Pan-Americana

dc.contributorPan American Health Organization
dc.description.abstract[‎Foreword]‎: In September 2012, when I was elected Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (‎PASB)‎ by the 28th Pan American Sanitary Conference, I pledged to lead a process of renewal that would uphold the core values and principles of this more-than-a-century-old institution and also encourage innovation to make it a more effective agent for change. Since I assumed the post of Director in February 2013, I have been pleased to find that the core values of universality, equity, and Pan American solidarity remain robust within the Organization, while a collective confidence and optimism have combined to create heightened expectations about PAHO’s future. It is a source of great satisfaction to find myself at the helm of an organization with strong traditions of excellence and pride in its achievements but also with a palpable openness to change and improvement. One of my first tasks as Director was to begin a process of consultations with staff and Member States on how to restructure PASB, PAHO’s secretariat, to enhance synergy and complementarity in our technical cooperation programs. Two months later, announced a new organizational structure, with a first round of changes that took effect on 1 July 2013. My goal in this undertaking was to position PAHO as a flexible, transparent, and responsive organization that brings expertise and innovation to its collaboration with Member States. I have continued to consult with staff, our Member States, and other partners and stakeholders to share ideas, assess needs, and identify opportunities in which PAHO’s work can make a real difference in improving health conditions in the Americas. In all these consultations I have advocated for four priorities: reducing inequities in health, strengthening health systems, addressing the social and environmental determinants of health, and achieving universal health coverage, by which I mean access to quality health care for everyone without fear of impoverishment. I believe that advancing these priorities is critical to realizing the vision for the Region of the Americas: societies that are free of inequity, where people have the social conditions and the healthy environments they need to live long, dignified, healthy, and productive lives...This report presents highlights of this progress and specific achievements over the past year, from mid-2012 to mid-2013. This period includes the final seven months of PAHO’s former administration and the first five months under my leadership. The Organization’s work during this period was guided by the 2008–2013 PAHO Strategic Plan but also included the development of a new Strategic Plan for 2014–2019. This report presents strong evidence of this Organization’s continuing strength and the value of its work. In this regard, I wish to acknowledge and thank my predecessor, former PASB Director Mirta Roses Periago, for her stewardship of this Organization. I believe that PAHO has a bright future, with great potential to play an even larger role in improving health conditions and strengthening health on the international and national development agendas. I look forward to leading this Organization into that future, with strong support from our Member States, so that we can together complete our unfinished business, take on new challenges, and ultimately realize the dream of health for every woman, man, and child in the Americas.
dc.subjectPAHO Directing Council
dc.subjectConsejo Directivo de la OPS
dc.subjectConselho Diretor da OPAS
dc.subjectConseil Directeur de l'OPS
dc.titleCD52/3: Annual Report of the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau
dc.titleCD52/3: Informe anual del Director de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana
dc.titleCD52/3: Rapport annuel du Directeur du Bureau sanitaire panaméricain
dc.titleCD52/3: Relatório Anual do Diretor da Repartição Sanitária Pan-Americana
dc.typeGoverning body documents

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