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    • Effectiveness of pyriproxyfen-controlled release block against larvae of Aedes (‎Stegomyia)‎ aegypti in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

      Chen, CD; Andy-Tana, WA; Loke, SR; Lee, HL; Yasmin, AR; Sofian-Azirun, M (‎2008-12)‎
      This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of a commercially available pyriproxyfen, an insectgrowth regulator (‎IGR)‎ on the larvae of a dengue vector, Ae. aegypti. The study site was the surroundingarea of the Medical Entomology Unit, Institute for Medical Research (‎IMR)‎, Kuala Lumpur (‎N03°10.167’,E101°41.919’)‎. Pyriproxyfen-controlled release blocks with dosages of 10% w/w and 20% w/w wereused to treat a set of earthen jars placed outdoors. Untreated jars were also set up as controls. Fifty laboratory-bred 2nd instar larvae were introduced ...