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    • Behavioural responses of deltamethrin- and permethrin-resistant strains of aedes aegypti when exposed to permethrin in an excito-repellency test system. 

      Paeporn, P; Supaphathom, K; Sathantriphop, S; Chareonviritaphap, T; Yaicharoen, R (‎2007)‎
      his study compared the behavioural avoidance responses of the permethrin-resistant and deltamethrinresistant strains of Aedes aegypti, a primary vector of dengue haemorrhagic fever (‎DHF)‎ in Thailand. The background of biochemical-based resistance mechanism assay of these two strains revealed a significant increase of esterase activity and monooxygenase levels when compared with a laboratory- usceptible strain. Glutathione-S-transferase activity was found to increase only in the permethrin-resistant strain. The DNA sequence of knockdown resistance ...