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    • Acute abdominal pain in dengue haemorrhagic fever: A study in Sri Lanka, 2009. 

      Weerakoon, K G A D; Chandrasekaramb, S; Jayabahu, J P S N K; Gunasena, S; Kularatne, S A M (‎2009-12)‎
      We attempted to unravel the association of acute severe abdominal pain in 14 patients with dengue haemorrhagic fever during the epidemic in 2009. All had secondary dengue infection. The findings were severe thrombocytopenia (‎the mean platelet count 18x109/l, range 12–48)‎, high liver enzymes (‎mean ALT 374U/l, range 82–2692)‎, ascites in all cases, acute hepatitis in 11 cases (‎79%)‎, acalculous cholecystitis in five cases (‎42%)‎, and renal involvement in three cases (‎25%)‎. All had normal serum amylase level and normal-looking pancreas in ultrasound ...