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    • A clinical, epidemiology and virological study of a dengue fever outbreak in Guangzhou, China-2002-2006. 

      Zhang, Fuchun; Tang, Xiaoping; Hu, Xuchu; Lu, Yecheng; Chen, Yanging; Wang, Jian; Chen, Wanshan; He, Haolan (‎2007)‎
      We analysed the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of dengue fever (‎DF)‎ during the dengue virus (‎DENV)‎-1 outbreak in Guangzhou, China. Clinical and epidemiological data of 1342 patients with DF from May 2002 to November 2006 were analyzed retrospectively. The average age was 34.7±13.2 years. The ratio of male to female was 1.05:1. The peak time of the epidemic lasted from August to October. The most common manifestations included fever (‎100%)‎, headache (‎85.9%)‎, myalgia (‎64.5%)‎, bone soreness (‎46.6%)‎, fatigue (‎78.2%)‎, skin rash (‎65.9%)‎ ...