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    • The interdomain region of dengue NS5 protein interacts with NS3 and host proteins. 

      Brooks, Andrew J; Johansson, Magnus; Criswell, Erin; Jans, David A; Vasudevan, Subhash G (‎2002)‎
      Although dengue virus genome replication occurs in the cytoplasm of infected cells, it has been shown that the NS5 protein (‎RNA-dependent RNA polymerase)‎ is hyperphosphorylated at a late stage in infection and localized to the cell nucleus. A 37 amino acid sequence of NS5 (‎residues 369-405)‎was shown to contain a functional unclear localization signal (‎NLS)‎ that interacted with the cellular nuclear transport factor, importin α/β heterodimer. Further studies using the yeast two-hybrid system revealed that the NS5 region (‎residues 320-368)‎ immediately ...