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    • Cost of dengue in Thailand. 

      Kongsin, Sukhontha; Jiamton, Sukhum; Suaya, Jose A; Vasanawathana, Sirijitt; Sirisuvan, Petcherut; Shepard, Donald S (‎2010-12)‎
      The burden of hospitalized dengue cases in Thailand is high. In Khon Kaen Hospital, a provincial hospital, the cost per non-fatal case in 2005 averaged (‎±standard deviation)‎ US$ 573 (‎±351)‎. The majority of this cost is incurred by the government, indicating the importance of dengue to public policy. The projected national cost is US$ 158 (‎±33)‎ million or US$ 3.55 (‎±$0.53)‎ per capita per year. In international dollars, which adjust for purchasing power parity, the annual cost is 485 (‎±106)‎ million international dollars. Of this total, 28% is for ...