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    • Immediate cost of dengue to Malaysia and Thailand: an estimate. 

      Lee Han, Lim; Vasan, SS; Birgelen, L; Murtola, TM; Gong, HF; Field, Robert W; Mavalankar, Dileep V; Ahmad, Nazni Wasi; Hakim, Lokman S; Murad, Shahnaz; Ng Chiu, Wan; Lucy Lum Chai, See; Suaya, Jose A; Shepard, Donald S (‎2010-12)‎
      We have analysed the average annual cost of dengue in Malaysia during the period 2002–2007 and in Thailand between 2000 and 2005. The key cost components, estimated by combining existing data from both published and unpublished studies, consist of: (‎i)‎ costs of non-fatal illness; (‎ii)‎ vector (‎Aedes mosquitoes)‎ control costs; and (‎iii)‎ research and development (‎R&D)‎ costs incurred by government institutions. We found the immediate cost of dengue to Malaysia to be in the range of US$ 88 million to US$ 215 million (‎mean US$ 133 million)‎ per annum. ...
    • Preliminary estimate of immediate cost of chikungunya and dengue to Gujarat, India. 

      Murtola, Tiina M; Vasan, SS; Puwar, Tapasvi I; Govil, Dipti; Field, Robert W; Gong, Hong-Fei; Bhavsar-Vyas, Ami; Suaya, Jose A; Howard, Marion; Shepard, Donald S; Kohli, Vijay Kumar; Prajapati, PB; Singh, Amarjit; Mavalankar, Dileep V; Chikungunya (‎2010-12)‎
      This study aims to provide a preliminary estimate of the immediate cost of chikungunya and dengue to household in the Indian state of Gujarat. Combining nine earlier studies and data from interviews, we analysed the costs of non-fatal illness and of intervention programmes; building a more comprehensive picture of the immediate cost of these Aedes aegypti mosquito-borne diseases to Gujarat. The “RUHA matrix” was used to estimate the cost of illness by combining the shares of reported (‎R)‎ and unreported (‎U)‎ hospitalized (‎H)‎ and ambulatory (‎A)‎ cases ...